Thanksgiving… Sharing and Caring

Being as tomorrow is Thanksgiving I am sure most of you have your meal already planned and some of it already prepared. Yea, for you. But, I have a few suggestions for you this time.

Don’t get so caught up in the perfect meal that you forget to enjoy your family or let your family enjoy time with you. It’s not so important for the table and refrigerator to be full, the important thing is spending time with your family, so what if you spend a little extra time playing on the floor with the kids or talking with your parents or grandparents and didn’t get the cream whipped for the pumpkin pie… that’s what cool whip is for. No one will care and the memories will make this the “unforgettable Thanksgiving”.

Add some seasonal touches to your home for Thanksgiving by making a beautiful tablescape with fall decorations. It doesn’t matter if it is just the immediate family and you are using folding tables and the coffee table for the kids or if you are having guests and using the dining room. There is a way to create the perfect Thanksgiving look and feel. Scatter your table with fall foliage such as leaves and acorns or fresh flowers and personalized place settings. Burlap makes a great table runner, you can dress it up or down, whatever your tablescape calls for, and don’t forget some colorful plates, napkins and candles.

As you prepare for your holiday gathering and reflect on your reasons to be grateful, please, remember those less fortunate. If you have a neighbor who lives alone, an elderly couple or a family who are caregivers to an ill family member, fix a plate or two and show up at their door. You don’t have to stay long, but your friendly face and a home cooked meal will mean so much. And you will be blessed with more “thanks” than you can image.
I wish for each of you a blessed and safe holiday. Enjoy!

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