Let It Snow and We’ll Have Cocoa

A Winter Storm Warning (something the folks in the mountains of Tucker County know so well) has been issued. As a mom, this means two things for me…..1) I need to get this house stocked with plenty of food for three rapidly growing kids, in case there is a SNOW DAY and 2) I need to get out one of the neatest appliances I have been lucky to own for the past few years, The Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker.

For me, snowy days = hot chocolate! With my hot chocolate maker, I just add the ingredients (I use milk and three packets of dry mix), turn it on, and in a matter of a few minutes, have a nice hot pot of hot chocolate. Easy peasy!! Of course, if you aren’t fortunate enough to have one of these cool contraptions, mixing your favorite ingredients on the stovetop works just fine too.

Another appliance I use from time to time to make hot chocolate is my crock pot. Again, just add the ingredients, set the cooker on high and let it go to work. What’s nice about the crock pot is if it has a “warm” setting, like many do now, you can set it on that once the chocolate is hot and keep it warm all day. A recipe I use for this is a variation of the traditional brown chocolate. It is Let It Snow Cocoa, or white hot chocolate. It is a very rich and creamy white chocolate concoction and very pleasing to the taste buds!

Let It Snow Cocoa (White Hot Chocolate)

2 C. whipping cream
6 C. milk
1 tsp. vanilla
12 oz. package white chocolate chips

Combine and let simmer in crock pot until hot and ready to serve. Chips will melt as it heats.

Cocoa mixes can be great gifts or used as winter party favors, also. If you have kids and are fortunate enough to share a snow day with them, preparing the mixes and nice packages to present them in can be a fun family activity. I’ve added a simple mix recipe to try and a cute and easy packaging idea that is simply a foam cup decorated to look like a snowman face (I used markers, but you could also use paper cut-outs) and I tied a piece of homespun fabric around the base as a scarf.

Ho-Ho Cocoa Mix

1-½ C. powdered sugar
1-½ C. non-fat powdered milk
½ C. baking cocoa
½ C. non-dairy creamer
1-½ C. mini marshmallows

Combine all ingredients, stirring well. Store in an airtight container up to 2 months. For each serving, add one cup hot water to ½ cup cocoa mix; stir well. Makes 8 servings. This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled if you need to make for several people.

Everyone get your supplies ready, go out and enjoy the snow and come back inside and snuggle up to a nice warm mug of cocoa! I know I am secretly wishing for a snow day!!! Let the snow season begin!!

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1 Response to Let It Snow and We’ll Have Cocoa

  1. Debra Fike says:

    Nothing cozier on a cold winter day or night than sitting by a fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate and watching it snow outside.

    I have tried your White Hot Chocolate and it is yummy!!!

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