Good food beginnings…

Well, I get my love for food and cooking honestly…my whole family likes to cook and they are really good at it…my grandmothers always had big family dinners, my mother is a great cook and even my dad made pizza on Sunday nights for us.  All our family gatherings revolve around a large meal…

I didn’t think I’d be in the restaurant business as a career, though.  It just sort of happened when there was a need to have someone run the café here in Canaan Valley, WV.   So the seasonal restaurant for the winter works well and then I fill in with catering when it is available.  Running a restaurant makes one keep an incredible pace during the winter at the White Grass Café.  I like to make our foods from scratch (“slow” food)…it just tastes better that way.  Cooking “slow” food also takes a little bit longer to prepare, but the end result is worth the effort.

I like menu planning and the creativity that is necessary for the job.  Also,

working with others who enjoy creating good food and get excited about a recipe is really fun!  Customer satisfaction is also rewarding.  Just having great smells coming from the kitchen when people walk in the front door, has a certain satisfaction to it…cookies fresh from the oven, sautéing butter and garlic, bread baking, a fresh pot of clam chowder…all have a memorable smell.  And there’s nothing like a healthy appetite that comes along with cross country skiing to make a meal taste absolutely incredible!

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