Christmas Memories and Homemade Ice Cream

Oh, the things that pop into ones mind. All this snow and cold weather along with the season has memories of Christmases at home popping into my mind. My parents would make us the best treats in the world (remember we were kids). One of our favorites was homemade ice cream. There’s nothing like homemade ice cream. Not just the taste, but the process of making it as well.

Sometimes Dad would get the ice from the icicles hanging from the back of our house. Other times I remember him dressing in his BIG boots, wool coat and hat, heading out to the neighbors pond with his “feed” sack and hatchet. He would come back after what seemed like a very long time with the feed sack full of ice (looking frozen himself, especially the time he fell in).

Mom would make the ice cream mixture while he was gone. After Dad went to the building to get the rock salt he would go in the back room to warm up for a little while (did I say “little”, it seemed like forever). Then the real fun began, everyone got a turn at cranking the ice cream maker until it got hard, then it was down to Dad and Mom. When Mom couldn’t turn the crank anymore and Dad was the sole cranker, we could hardly contain ourselves. (You know, looking back through the looking glass of time, maybe this wasn’t so much fun for Dad, but he did it again year after year cause he loved us.)

You can not compare the flavor and texture of homemade ice cream to any store bought brand. It is rich, creamy, decadently sweet and, best of all, it’s whatever flavor you want. So let your imagination and the contents of your kitchen cabinet go wild.
I hope you all make some wonderful memories with these recipes.

There are two types of homemade ice cream: custard style that is made with eggs and ice cream that does not contain any eggs. Both provide a delicious treat and you can add your favorite ingredients to make the flavor you like best.

This custard base is used for nearly all custard ice cream recipes.

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cups of whole milk
1/3 cup sugar (the 1 tblsp. sugar may be excluded if a lighter ice cream is desired.)
1 tbls. condensed milk
3 egg yolks (If you prefer a lighter taste, this recipe may also be made using only 2 egg yolks)

1) Heat the milk, cream, condensed milk, and 1/3 cup sugar. Stir until mixture is hot and all the sugar has dissolved

2) Whisk the egg yolks in a separate bowl. Add one cup of the hot liquid to the egg yolks (making sure to pour slowly and stir/whisk). Add the mixture back into the sauce pan while stirring the mixture. (the stirring is so that the eggs don’t cook; you don’t want little pieces of scrambled eggs in your ice cream!)

3)Cook the mixture over medium heat until it thickens slightly and coats the back of a wooden spoon (stir constantly and do not allow to boil). Mixture should take around
5 minutes to thicken. (warning!! 5 minutes is a very rough approximation, it may take just one or two minutes. Strain the custard ice cream base into a clean bowl.

*Although this recipe is called, custard “base”, this base is actually very delicious all by itself. When not used as a base for another ice cream, it is called a sweet cream ice cream recipe. If you are preparing this as a sweet cream ice cream, I recommend using the highest quality cream you can find.

*Chill before putting in ice cream maker (best if chilled over night, yet not necessary). The colder the temperature of the ice cream, before putting it into the ice cream maker, the better your result will be.

*Don’t be afraid to to change things up, add your own ingredients, experiment!

Here are a couple easy no cook ice cream recipes. Unlike custard base recipes, which require cooking the mixture, all you have to do here is combine some ingredients, and churn them. In just a few short minutes you will have delicious homemade ice cream.

Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup milk
2 pints strawberries
1/2 cup and 1 tablespoon sugar
8 teaspoons lemon juice

1)Puree the strawberries. (in food processor).

2)Mix together all ingredients

3) Chill mixture in fridge or freezer and add to ice cream maker.

Easy Peach Ice Cream Recipe

16 ounce can of peaches (drained)
4 teaspoons lemon juice
1/2 cup heavy cream
3 tablespoons sugar

1)Puree the peaches and combine all the ingrediens

And don’t forget good old vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Post a comment and let us know what you want us to blog about.

Please don’t forget your elderly neighbors or the shut-ins and caregivers this holiday season. Play Santa and take them a plate of hot food or goodies. Merry Christmas to all.

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2 Responses to Christmas Memories and Homemade Ice Cream

  1. jo kerns says:

    yea, i remember this too. when our granddad knew that we were coming to the farm for a visit and the weather would start to warm up, he’d gather the ice cicles from the front porch eves ( some as long as i was tall at that time ) and store them in the cold celler house and after sunday dinner we’d all go outside to the large front porch and he’d load up the ice cream churn and off we’d go cranking and cranking and cranking. man that was goooood stuff. amazing how the cold never seemed cold when we were doing this. kids now days don’t know what they are missing. the cold and how when it wasn’t your turn to crank you snugled with your little brother or sister, mom. dad , granddad or mom ( grandmaw was in the house getting the bowls ready) or you had a snowball fight, made a snowman, snow angles or snow fort. now they have electric churns and this can be done inside, but it’s not nearly as good. sugar 89 cents – 5lb bag, vanilla 29 cents a bottle, strawberry, eggs, milk – farm grown, fun and memories — priceless

  2. mimi says:

    wow. when i was growing up we made ice cream occasionally but never in the winter! what we did in the winter when we were lucky enough to have good snow was beg my father to make us “snow cream.” this consisted of a bowl of snow with some sugar and a little milk or cream stirred in. i think it was the depression version of ice cream, and doesn’t match the custard-style icecream for taste. (for memories, its a winner!)

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