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An old standby sandwich or a new dip?

As we all prepare for “the” game day here is a new twist on an old standby. It really is as good as its namesake. The classic Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich turned into a dip! So simple… so good! … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

The venue is ready, the teams are set, the entertainment is lined up, the commercial spots are purchased….now it’s time to put in place the other main attraction of the Super Bowl….the FOOD!! Whether your team has made it or … Continue reading

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Fried plantains, anyone?

Perhaps you have wondered about plantains. You’ve probably see them in the produce department looking a lot, but not exactly, like a banana.  They can be mostly yellow or nearly black.  They are edible at all stages, but the blacker the skin … Continue reading

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It’s National Pie Day!

Today is National Pie Day….sounds like a reason to celebrate to me! I have rarely met a pie I didn’t like, since it is one of my favorite dessert choices. I have included a couple pie choices for you to … Continue reading

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Good… Bad?

Well it was another experiment at my house. I was going to make Apple Crisp and didn’t have quite enough apples, so I added some chopped dried apricots and a can of chunk pineapple in juice (drained) and made the … Continue reading

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A Favorite Salad

Making a salad can be a very creative experience, especially in the summer when you have lots of good materials to work with. Even making a salad in the winter can taste so good, because I crave fresh, green food … Continue reading

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Craving: Beef Stew

Recently I made beef stew for a crowd, and I really liked how it turned out.   This is an easy, satisfying meal to make on a snowy day like we had yesterday.  It doesn’t require any special ingredients, and it’s a … Continue reading

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From Green to Yellow to Cookies

I walk past the kitchen counter and there are a bunch of bananas, yellow in the center, green on both ends. I think wow, just a couple more days and they will be a nice rich yellow, just the way … Continue reading

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Soup, Soup, Soup

Soup, Soup, Soup… It’s a favorite of mine, I guess because when it’s cold, soup is so warming. I love to cook it; I love to eat it; I love to smell it…I actually miss having soup in the summer … Continue reading

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Comfort and Joy

Are you like me and go through periods of time when you just crave “comfort” food? Do you have a specific food that you go to that seems to make everything right in the world, at least for a short … Continue reading

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