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From Green to Yellow to Cookies

I walk past the kitchen counter and there are a bunch of bananas, yellow in the center, green on both ends. I think wow, just a couple more days and they will be a nice rich yellow, just the way … Continue reading

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Soup, Soup, Soup

Soup, Soup, Soup… It’s a favorite of mine, I guess because when it’s cold, soup is so warming. I love to cook it; I love to eat it; I love to smell it…I actually miss having soup in the summer … Continue reading

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Comfort and Joy

Are you like me and go through periods of time when you just crave “comfort” food? Do you have a specific food that you go to that seems to make everything right in the world, at least for a short … Continue reading

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Aioli for the New Year

Wow, this post is late, and I see our readers must be craving new food for thought, or thoughts on food, or pictures of food, or recipes! So here goes! Grand Aioli is a pretty easy new year’s meal customary in France. I’m … Continue reading

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