Where are the blackberries?

Seems like they used to be easier to find. If anyone wants to share a good spot to pick blackberries, that would be swell.   I have a great berry recipe to try when I find some blackberries.    —


About longslowrise

Mimi Kibler and her husband Alain Kieny live in Parsons, West Virginia. In 1997 they founded LaFontaine bakery to supply the area with hearth baked breads and other treats. Her mother taught her the wonder of food and cooking. French master baker Didier Rosada taught her traditional european sourdough techniques. She is an enthusiastic gardener, birdwatcher and home cook who loves trying new and exotic foods.
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4 Responses to Where are the blackberries?

  1. Kelly says:

    Mimi –
    You need to check out the blackberry patches on the trails off of Camp 70 Road. After you pick some please share your recipes!

  2. longslowrise says:

    Thanks!!! I will. (Can you be any more specific, or are they everywhere?) BTW, thanks for telling me about the buffalo coal company land/trails. I’m glad I got to hike around and look for birds a couple times before they posted the whole place for Mountaintop Hunting Club. (Too bad they don’t even let you walk!)

    • Kelly says:

      I’m glad you made it up to the mine site to hike around before it closed. The wildlife on the site is fantastic. I miss walking there.
      For the berries – go across the Beaver Creek bridge on Camp 70 and park in the parking area on your left. It will be the first place you can park. Take the path that goes up the hill, on your right. Once near the top just look down. Some of the bigger berries are a little off the path. Happy picking!!

  3. longslowrise says:

    Thanks so much, Kelly, I hope I can get there before they’re gone.

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