Fresh Green Beans out the Wazoo!

Mixed pole beans. The ones on the left side needed to be shelled.

You see the situation. The pole beans almost got blown down during those strong winds a few weeks ago, but now they’e doing great. I picked a sink full. After a canner load,  there were enough left to make one of my favorite recipes. It is called “Slow Cooked Green Beans” in How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman.  (It’s a great all-around cookbook.)   But to me, a better name for this recipe would be “Lucious Lemony Green Beans!”   It has that delectable combination of tomatoes, lemon, and olive oil.   Give it a try.  There are lots of beans and tomatoes showing up at the Farmers Market on Wednesdays at Mill Race Park if you don’t have your own.

This is a one-pot recipe,  and there’s no reason to make it more complicated.   I have changed the ratios a little, but not the ingredients or procedure..  Into a large pot,  put 1 1/2 pounds of trimmed grean beans,  2 cups of chopped tomatoes,  2 cups chopped onion,  1/4 cup olive oil, and the juice of one lemon.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Turn the heat on low and cover the pot.  You want the tomatoes to give up their liquid and the whole pot to simmer slowly for at least one hour, and up to two hours.  Make sure it doesn’t dry out, but I have never had that problem.  Open the pot and cook off some liquid if needed when you’re ready to eat.   This is a simple and simply delicious thing to do with garden produce.   This recipe works well for canning or freezing also.  Hope you like it!   Here’s how it looks.

Raw ingredients before cooking.

Cooked and delicious.

Served with some good bread!

About longslowrise

Mimi Kibler and her husband Alain Kieny live in Parsons, West Virginia. In 1997 they founded LaFontaine bakery to supply the area with hearth baked breads and other treats. Her mother taught her the wonder of food and cooking. French master baker Didier Rosada taught her traditional european sourdough techniques. She is an enthusiastic gardener, birdwatcher and home cook who loves trying new and exotic foods.
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2 Responses to Fresh Green Beans out the Wazoo!

  1. We have no green beans currently, but it sounds good. We should have beans in a week.

  2. longslowrise says:

    My pole beans are still producing, but not for too much longer. It was a good bean year on Sunnyside Lane! This recipe is delish!

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