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Mimi Kibler and her husband Alain Kieny live in Parsons, West Virginia. In 1997 they founded LaFontaine bakery to supply the area with hearth baked breads and other treats. Her mother taught her the wonder of food and cooking. French master baker Didier Rosada taught her traditional european sourdough techniques. She is an enthusiastic gardener, birdwatcher and home cook who loves trying new and exotic foods.

Onion Pie Variation

I was in Maryland for mother’s day. My sister Clare and I were cooking and talking about (what else?) food.  She told me she loves to make Vidalia onion pie, which I had never heard of.  She described it as kind of like a quiche, … Continue reading

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Best Pears?

They say winter is when pears are “in season.”  For the past couple or three years I have been noticing the best Bartlett pears available locally are from Argentina.  I know…eating local doesn’t include produce from another continent.  I don’t really … Continue reading

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Chili Sauce from Dried Chilis

After an inspiring visit with our friends Bob and Barbara in Queretaro, Mexico, Alain and I are back in Parsons and back to work.  LaFontaine Bakery delivered ciabatta and baguettes on Tuesday; and sourdough white, muesli bread, sourdough multigrain, whole wheat sunflower and ciabatta on Friday. In … Continue reading

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Using Coconut Oil

I have been wondering what oil is best for making granola.  I usually use canola oil, but sometimes there’s a slight  off-flavor, maybe due to overheating during the toasting step.  I intend to try peanut oil, but a couple weeks ago I noticed a container … Continue reading

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Grabbing a bite in Elkins.

     On friday evening, my husband Alain and I met at the library in Elkins before the house concert in Beverly.  (Michael and Carrie Kline played an interesting folk concert at Deb Farrell’s house.)   We were looking for a place to have dinner … Continue reading

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Fried plantains, anyone?

Perhaps you have wondered about plantains. You’ve probably see them in the produce department looking a lot, but not exactly, like a banana.  They can be mostly yellow or nearly black.  They are edible at all stages, but the blacker the skin … Continue reading

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Craving: Beef Stew

Recently I made beef stew for a crowd, and I really liked how it turned out.   This is an easy, satisfying meal to make on a snowy day like we had yesterday.  It doesn’t require any special ingredients, and it’s a … Continue reading

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