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PIZZATTA, or: How to make a pizza from a loaf of stale ciabatta.

This is another easy dinner. (I’m sure you get the idea that that’s my specialty!)  A stale loaf of artisan bread makes a great pizza crust. I tried it with a fresh loaf and it didn’t work well. Just ask Rachelle … Continue reading

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You CAN smoke salmon… right on your stove!

Today we ate smoked salmon. All golden and succulent, flavorful and rich with absolutely nothing added and no preparation. I learned about this technique from Michael Davis and Colleen Anderson. We have done it three times, and next time I … Continue reading

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Fresh Green Beans out the Wazoo!

You see the situation. The pole beans almost got blown down during those strong winds a few weeks ago, but now they’e doing great. I picked a sink full. After a canner load,  there were enough left to make one of … Continue reading

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Cool and Delicious

Although the weather has been a little cool at night and pleasantly comfortable during the day, we are bound to have several more very hot days to enjoy this jazzed up light cream cheese and fresh-tasting raspberry and watermelon  sauce … Continue reading

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Chile Relleno Casserole

On Saturday I made it to the Elkins Farmers Market for the first time this season, and was excited to see some gorgeous dark green poblano peppers for sale. I bought a few to make chiles rellenos.  Later I thought about … Continue reading

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Where are the blackberries?

Seems like they used to be easier to find. If anyone wants to share a good spot to pick blackberries, that would be swell.   I have a great berry recipe to try when I find some blackberries.    — Mimi

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Something new for garden greens.

I will venture to guess that Fresh Herb Kuku Sabzi will be new for almost all readers. We have a friend in Elkins who recently married a man from Iran. The cuisine of Iran is esteemed world-wide. This is the first Persian … Continue reading

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