Meet the Bloggers

Laurie Little

As the owner of White Grass Cafe in Canaan Valley, W.Va., Laurie has been dedicated to creating wholesome natural food for over 25 years. The cafe serves cross country skiers during the winter and provides catering for weddings and events during the summer months.  Laurie’s focus has always been to prepare good tasting, interesting foods in a healthy way with ethnically diverse menus, for an “out of the ordinary” culinary experience.  Laurie and partner, Mary Beth Gwyer, have published two cookbooks, “Cross Country Cooking” and “White Grass Flavor.”

Mikie Dumire

Mikie has lived in Tucker County for all except 17 years of her life. She is the Associate Publisher and Advertising Manager for The Parsons Advocate and has a degree in floral design. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, who likes to talk and cook. She is all about good and simple and learning new shortcuts and techniques. Mostly she will be sharing recipes (from time to time), writing about tips and old fashioned wisdom, most of which she learned from her mother, grandmother and mother-in-law.

Mimi Kibler

Mimi and her husband Alain Kieny live in Parsons, West Virginia. In 1997 they founded LaFontaine bakery to supply the area with hearth baked breads and other treats. Her mother taught her the wonder of food and cooking. French master baker Didier Rosada taught her traditional european sourdough techniques. She is an enthusiastic gardener, birdwatcher and home cook who loves trying new and exotic foods.

Lori Mullenax

Lori has lived all but for years of her life in Parsons, W.Va, where she is now a wife and stay-at-home mom of three kids. Her life is consumed by everything that revolves around those two things, from being a taxi driver and a basketball cheerleader to planning meals and shopping for the family.

Lori earned a bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies from West Virginia University, where she started to experiment in the kitchen. In her moments of free time, you can find her sitting with her nose in a new cookbook, scanning the Internet for the latest recipes, or running her popular Facebook page “The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon,” which offers recipes and cooking tips for simple meal ideas and good “down-home” recipes.

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